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Monday, January 25, 2010

Apparently, I've been told my Facebook Statuses are interesting... so, I decided to BLOG

So, I've been on Facebook for about a year. I really love how I've reconnected with so many wonderful people from my past. And through my "status updates" I get to tell people how I'm doing without having to take huge chunks out of my day to do it. Having two very, VERY, active boys has left me with little to no time to socialize... Facebook has allowed me to have a social life, while still lying in bed in my pj's.

But one thing I've discovered about my status updates is that people actually like reading them! What?... all I'm doing is talking about my boys, my struggles, my observations... but apparently, the way I say things amuses people. Even though people don't "comment" on what I type, I'll run into someone and they'll say, "... oh, by the way, I really like reading your status updates." or "...your status updates are hilarious!" I've been called "quirky, funny, insightful"... insightful? Really? And this is coming from different people from different areas of my life! Wow, little did I know...

Another thing I've noticed about typing my status updates is that I'm blunt, I'm honest, I put myself on the chopping block a lot... and I get to really look at who I am as a person, and I learn so much about myself... I know, sounds too deep for just status updates. But honestly, I have learned so much from these simple updates....and I don't want to forget a thing.

So HENCE... my blog. This is a way for me to expand from my one sentence "Status Updates" and to keep track of what I've learned from them. So that's what I'll be doing... writing my updates on Facebook, and then writing what it means to me. Anyways... here we go!


  1. Cheers to my fellow Blogger!!

    It's true, there's so much more space to write! And we want to share so much more than just the one sentence on our updates!

    To learning, growing, and sharing! Cheers! *clink clink*

  2. Ha, never even knew you had a blog! Hey, I had a blog first!! Though mine is all about stamping. ;o)

  3. cool, I take it u been really busy lately